by Office of Aurora

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released April 6, 2013

Office of Aurora

Tom Bush
Patrick Lawrence
Chris Torry
Catherine Wallace



all rights reserved


Office of Aurora London, UK

South London Slowcore

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Track Name: Sanctus
There is a great wind
Deep below the ground
Though you do not feel it
You hear the sound
Forever blowing

Drink foul milk
Bathe in waters unclean
Between this place and the other
There is a shadowy stream
Forever flowing

I remember you radiant, immaculate
The faint taste of blood
And you with your hands together
Singing sanctus, sanctus sanctus
Track Name: The Edge of Sleep
To the great below
Sent home to the dark earth that bore you
With words we do not know
Saints wait with their arms open for you

The void dark and deep
At the edge of her sleep
No crown on her head
Only earth at her feet

Mired in dust she stands
No other world lies close at hand
No straight bright road
Glimmer gone and gates fast closed
Track Name: Brittle Bone
We are the weakness perfusing your brittle bone
The ache that comes with colder weather and passes slowly
It is better to be lost alone
Than it is to be lost together

The beautiful arcs dissecting the darkness
Never end, never begin
They divide our sleeplessness
And mark the edge of our sin
Track Name: Tunnel
Stare down the summer
Heat it does rise
In half light sleep lightly
Wake with hungry eyes
Heat does pour out of you
Nothing pours in
There is a tunnel that starts in your heart
And ends beyond your skin

For all your wondering
Where are your wonders
Sift sand to find only sand
Raise up no kingdom, call down no thunder
May winter bring you home
Cold and tired and alone
Track Name: Silver Thread
There’s a silver thread
Binds her to the bed
A rainment of halos of bright shining rings
Her powers dominions and thrones
Her blood and her bone
Shiver as she sings
With wide open mouth and trembling hand

The way that we speak when we are weak when we tire
With wide open mouth and trembling hand